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Arrest Age marks with natural methods

The most valuable things in life are simple and cheap. Fitness At Fifty this Fitness At Fiftyvital truth is ignored by most of the people and put themselves in the quagmire of problems. Take for example body fitness. I’ll not use a big word “EXERCISE”, hearing which people shudder and run away. Just be busy in your daily activities. Make your body tired. Make it sweat profusely. A sound 6 hour sleep is ensured.

The icing on the cake is it’s inexpensive. But, it’s a pity people ignore this and prefer to drain their money on pills, Is it not taxing your pocket? Is it not the outcome of your ignorance?. So, friends realize that for every ailment there is a natural solution that is inexpensive and effective. Added bonus is , it is free from side effects.

Did you mark the slow but steady shift to the natural methods of human care the world over? People realized the health damages done to their bodies by the cruel antibiotics pills and the innumerable medications with fancy names and false claims. This stands as a testimony to the veracity of natural methods.

Now in this scenario , let’s examine what the natural methods are going to do for skin care and it’s role in arresting the age marks.
We all dread at seeing the wrinkles, lines and crow feet revealing the age. Its but natural. Nobody wants to look older and emaciated. We all crave for an ever youthful appearance. The truth is we cannot stop the age, but we can stop or delay the process of ageing.

This is possible if you resort to most commonly used but neglected area, Sleep. Then comes your food you take. Avoidance of exposure to the harsh sun.. I’m sure people dismiss these suggestions as oft shouted health slogans. But the reality is these are the factors that strengthen the body’s self repairing quality Good and nutritious food is essential to the overall growth of the body.

The quality of the food you take is detrimental in deciding the quality of the skin. Feed your body with a food that’s rich in antioxidants that insure your healthy and glistening skin. Antioxidants demolish the free radicals which damage the skin cells.

These free radicals are formed during the oxidation activity of the body. Most of the fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. In addition to this body needs minerals like zinc found in seafood and beef. The other mineral you need is selenium from fish and chicken.

We need vitamin D from the sun for a healthy skin. But over exposure to the sin leads to many skin related ailments including skin cancer. Avoid over exposure to the sun by all means.Collagen and Elastin are the two ingredients in our body to keep the skin taut and elastic. Smoking has the potentiality of breaking collagen and elastin. And where it leads? Wrinkles and sagging skin.

Using a quality moisturizer free from Paraben which is a cancer causing chemical and fragrance (chemicals used to impart fragrance are known for their devastating effects on the skin) will be an additional aid to make your skin wrinkle free and radiant. Don’t expect overnight results from these methods. It takes time and the results stay for ever. Patience pays.

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  3. Arrest age marks with natural methods.. Awesome :)

  4. Arrest age marks with natural methods.. He-he-he :)

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