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Choosing The right Mascara Brushes

Mascara is one of the important items in make ups. It is relatively difficult to Mascara auftragenapply as it needs an expert hand to make the best of it. No make up is complete without mascara as it produces a stunning look in a women’s eye lashes all thick, long and well separated.

Since application of mascara is a bit difficult process time is an important factor here. This is not easy to create the desired result in a hurry.

Many are of the opinion that for producing the right result one must go for the best brand of mascara though this is not the case. What is responsible for best result is the selection of the mascara applying brush and how it is applied. Mascara brushes are so important in this regard that the companies emphasizes on patenting better brushes instead of better mascara content.

The component in different mascara brand do not that much differ as the price differs. This becomes necessary for a special brand when one has a very sensitive eye. In this case there is necessity of formulating hypoallergenic content in the product. Otherwise it makes hardly any difference between cheaper brand and a costlier one.

The mascara Brush:

More than what brand of mascara you are using the importance lies on what kind of brushes you are using. For a better result the brush must have well shaped bristles, the right gap between the bristles and the length. This makes the final effect when you are done with mascara.

Another thing associated with the result of mascara application is the shape of the brush. The effect of the curved brush would differ from that of straight one.

For a thick lashed look the brush bristles are evenly closed, for longer lashes you need a brush with longer bristles, for lash clumping the mascara brush needs to have bristles that are quite wide apart from each other and so and so forth.

There are varieties of mascara brushes in the market and according to needs one can have dozens of them for different eye lashes style. If you have a thick and long eye lashes you would possibly need five different brushes to achieve the expected result.

Now you can buy mascara with replacement brushes. If the type that comes with the pack does not suit your purpose you can get it replaced or can go for buying only brushes too. Since you do not need all your brushes to have the covered bases you are open to make a personal stock of different sort of mascara brushes.

Since you are the person to apply mascara you would know better which sort of brush you need at times.

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