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Cosmetic dental whitening without harsh chemicals

cosmetic dental

cosmetic dental

There are a number of cosmetic dental procedures for whitening teeth and these are regularly shown on television – cosmetic dental advertisements.

But there is another way and which cosmetic dental path you choose is up to you. There are options within cosmetic dental practices for all walks of life, from modern high tech, to natural cosmetic dental choices.

Cosmetic Dental – info that you may not yet know

In many cultures white teeth is a sign of beauty and therefore cosmetic dental practises have been handed down for generations. Getting and Keeping white teeth does take some effort and there are various ways to obtain white teeth using various cosmetic dental procedures.

Laser Options

If the idea of cosmetic dental laser whitening appeals to you then there is laser bleaching.  The teeth are coated with gel, and a cosmetic dental laser zaps them several shades whiter. This procedure can cost hundreds of dollars and must be done every year.

Kits and Paraphenalia

Cosmetic dental – resources, know-how and kits

There are cosmetic dental whitening kits for at-home teeth whitening. Simple to use for those looking for an economic alternative to cosmetic dental whitening or simply wishing to maintain their pearly whites. A single purchase is enough for 1 week of whitening a double purchase enough for two cosmetic dental weeks.

How about a high intensity visible cosmetic dental LED to brighten up your day, and hopefully your teeth. Supposed to give results in three days.  And the more cosmetic dental lights the better, try 26 LED instead of 18 LED.

Cosmetic dental miscellaneous

Cosmetic Dental whitening pens – write that on in the books, and easy to use click activator means no lost cosmetic dental gel.

And what looks like a lipstick but is in fact a cosmetic dental whitening stick, to erase stains in minutes and maintain that perfect smile.

And chewing gum looking cosmetic dental white strips, bleaching strips in a box to be applied to the teeth.

All the above cosmetic dental products are retail of course and cost several hundred cosmetic dental dollars. And they contain various products – Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbamide Peroxide, Carbamide and Hydrogen, Hydroxyapatite and a whole range of cosmetic dental chemicals.

Home Remedy is a real alternative

Did you see peroxide in the list of cosmetic dental chemicals, yes the same peroxide as you use, or used to use, to blonde your hair. Well, if you still have some in the bathroom cupboard and in the kitchen you also have baking soda then you have a recipe for your own cosmetic dental whitener without using cosmetic dental products.

The cosmetic dental remedy you can mix yourself at home, you can use it weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but I would not recommend using it more often than once a week. What you will need is –

  • 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • A small amount of toothpaste or a drop of mint flavour could also added.

And there you have a home-made cosmetic dental recipe that will put a smile on your face

What could be better than a home-remedy for your cosmetic dental needs, well how about mother nature.

We have always been warned to stay away from berries as the strong colour will stain the teeth. Well think again as strawberries will shatter that myth. They will, if cut, and the cut side rubbed against freshly brushed teeth and left for a few minutes, then rinsed, whiten your teeth. If you practise this simple cosmetic dental routine on a daily basis, you will definitely whiten your teeth.

Is that all ? No. Do you remember when a wedgie was walking around the house with a slice of orange stuck to your teeth, giving you an orange smile ?  Well if you can do that with a slice of lemon and keep it there for fifteen minutes, on a daily basis, your will also whiten your teeth. While these two fruity Cosmetic Dental discoveries really work, always rinse well as the acid will wear your tooth enamel on your teeth, giving you Cosmetic Dental problems. (Incidentally the same as the so called ‘sports drinks’).

Manufacturers not missing out

At not to be missing out there is now a plethora of toothpastes and mouthwashes, many of which now contain cosmetic dental products to whiten teeth. Check your supermarket, all the brands are now putting our cosmetic dental mouthwashes and cosmetic dental toothpastes to whiten teeth.

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