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Dimple, Dimple, little scar – cosmetic clinic not so far

cosmetic clinic


A cosmetic clinic in Ahmedabad, India has reported an increase in the number of people wanting dimple surgery.

At the same time a cosmetic clinic in the United Kingdom is warning women against dimple designer surgery.

And yet another United States cosmetic clinic is calling the new craze cheek sculpting.

Adding dimples is certainly a new craze in plastic surgery, ask any cosmetic clinic and I am sure they will agree. And some British cosmetic clinic surgery experts have warned women against designer dimple surgery following a surge in requests for the controversial procedure. A woman craving to have pouting lips might not seem unusual but how about men going to a cosmetic clinic wanting to have dimples like Hollywood or Bollywood stars.

Cosmetic Clinic female clients are slowly being outnumbered by men

An increasing number of men have been found approaching cosmetic clinic plastic surgeons asking them to carry out cosmetic clinic surgery on their cheeks and construct dimples like that of Bollywood actor Sharukh Khan, according to a noted cosmetic clinic plastic surgeon of the city of Ahmedabad.

Among the men and women who go for cosmetic clinic surgery there are  a large number of them fascinated by the dimples of actress Preity Zinta and Sharukh Khan and want dimples constructed on their cheeks according to a noted cosmetic clinic plastic surgeon of the same city.

Cosmetic Clinic procedures surpassing recontructive sugeries

According to cosmetologists in Bangalore the demand for cosmetic clinic procedures has gone up compared to reconstructive surgeries for accident patients.

Cosmetic clinic doctors are seeing more and more request at the cosmetic clinic for aesthetic changes, and these now amount to over 50% of all procedures. The latest in the list of cosmetic clinic procedures is artificial dimples. And now cosmetic clinic doctors are reporting that dimples are being given as gifts. Cosmetic clinic gift vouchers for international patients is sure to be a big money spinner for cosmetic clinic establishments in South-East Asian countries. In some of these countries dimples are considered lucky even if they have been created in a cosmetic clinic.

Increasing demand for dimples

The demand for cosmetic clinic dimples has increased even among Indians who get information about cosmetic clinic dimples on the internet and go to a cosmetic clinic asking us whether it’s possible. The reasons for wanting cosmetic clinic dimples vary. Perhaps some just want to look more attractive because either they are models or are in a profession where they meet a lot of people and the think that cosmetic clinic dimples is going to increase their popularity.  I heard of one girl, an aspiring model, wanted to get cosmetic clinic dimples because she though it would help her get more assignments.

It is not just the youngsters who go to a cosmetic clinic because they want to ape the cine stars and models even older people crave to look like them. I read of a 50-plus man, who was getting remarried, asking for a cosmetic clinic facial surgery to be carried out on him, to give him the cosmetic clinic dimples of much younger film star, whose photo he was carrying. And it is not just the rich and famous who want cosmetic clinic dimples but people from more humble backgrounds save money for months to get cosmetic clinic dimples done.

And in the United Kingdom and the United States the cosmetic clinic news is the same. Cosmetic clinic cheek sculpting though the procedure is quite clinical, is taking off.

One cosmetic clinic surgery company said it had received an increasing number of inquiries about cosmetic clinic Dimpleplasty in the past year from women who want a smile like UK singer Cheryl Cole.

And the procedure..

To create a cosmetic clinic dimple involves an incision inside the mouth and stitching the underside of the skin together to create a deeper layer and hence a depression, being the cosmetic clinic dimple. The cosmetic clinic dimple stitch or suture, holds the skin in place until it dissolves.

And real dimples, as opposed to cosmetic clinic created ones, are only visible when the person smiles. There is no consensus on the final result of the cosmetic clinic dimples. Some cosmetic clinic surgeons claim the cosmetic clinic dimples are fixed for about six weeks and then will then only be visible on smiling, however some cosmetic clinic surgeons warn that cosmetic clinic dimples are a permanent feature .

Some firms have apparently refused to undertake the cosmetic clinic dimple procedure despite the increase in popularity around the world. The long term effects of the cosmetic clinic dimple surgery is not yet known. What is known, is that as the skin ages, it loses its elasticity. At the moment there is no way of predicting, in those who have had the cosmetic clinic dimple created, how any scars might look once the face begins to droop. Cosmetic clinic dimples could become a disaster in the years to come.

And the cost..

The prices vary, in India, for cosmetic clinic dimples you will pay between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000, ($1,000 to $1,250). However a cosmetic clinic dimple in the US will cost you $2,500 to $3,500.

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