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Do you love changing your fragrance?

Are you the type who loves to wear fragrance for whatsoever reason? Do youperfume1 recollect well when you used last and the brand or what are you using right now? If you are a scent or fragrance or perfume user do you keep on switching over to different brands and different odor? If yes, it is the right thing you are doing.

There are many people who do like to wear perfume but sort of orthodox as they never or hardly change to alternate experiments. This might sound good for this is your choice of the kind of fragrance you love to be on. But have you ever realized that the perfumes affects others mood and taste too.

This is not necessary that what you have put on is the best and all love it. People have different likings and the one you are using might cause me head ache or I might get allergic. And you have to keep these things into consideration.

The market is full of different fragrances with different brand and interestingly most people love to keep on changing the brand and the odor for a change. And there is logic there.

Say you are out with your fiance or a special person but paradoxically the other person is reactive to the fragrance you are wearing. It is accepted for a single outing but repeated action could bring adversity. So why not come out of the stagnation and keep rotating the wheel so that life goes on smoothly?

Any ways, what is your favorite perfume or fragrance? For me I like the old fashioned ones but there are people who use lotion and some even go to the extent of washing the body with the fragrance of their choice mixing them in the water.

But as a whole you should have a knack to apply fragrance with different method so that you are not in an odd situation and are able to steal the show. This is just a matter of application only. This is, however, not necessary that you have to do this always. For your convenience you could carry hand cream or lotion in your purse or pocket and use them when it is necessary.

It is important to have options in scents to keep things going. Scents have different effects. The concept of Aromatherapy has originated from this only. So why not take this advantage and keep on having different perfume as your mood demands.

This is to keep in the mind that whatsoever perfume you wear is primarily for your sake and the interest of others is secondary. There are lots of different fragrance but few of your choice and rotating on them is good for you as you keep on widening your self since you improve with every one around you.

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  1. Thankyou very much

  2. Thanks to the info, im gonna aim to apply it to gaming.

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