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Essential ingredients to be ensured in your facial cleansing cream

The fact that Skin is the largest of all the human organs and it acts as a shield toskin-care protect all the internal organs, be it bones, ligaments or nuzzles poses big question before us. The question is,” Who will protect this largest and vital organ of the human body?” Yes, you guessed it right. The answer is we’re responsible for the protection of our own skin. Skin, while discharging its assigned job of protecting our internal organs bears the brunt of atmospheric atrocities. Its health is equally important as that of any vital organs of our body.

A well kept skin not only radiates and imparts glow to the skin, but also acts as a spokesperson of your body revealing a plethora if information about your well being.

As mentioned above, skin being the outermost organ of the human beings, naturally gets exposed to the dirt and grime. Hence the need for face cleansers. What if we don’t clean our face? If we don’t clean our face, an uncared face attracts skin related diseases like acne, pigmentation and premature ageing lines and crows feet. It’s not all. A dirty and oily face fails to find a place in any sphere in this highly competitive world .Many of the employers opine that, “A glow in the face” gives an edge to the person over his or her competitors. Hold on, don’t rush to your nearest cosmetic dealer for a face cleansing cream. Not every cream sitting in the shelves of the dealer is good. You have to choose a cleansing cream without fragrance and skin damaging chemicals.

Yes, you heard it right. Manufacturers of cosmetics will not hesitate to add chemical to hasten up the results in their products. These chemicals cause irreparable damage to the skin. Be cautious about such chemicals and ensure the presence of the following ingredients in your face cleansing cream.

Kaolin, most trusted and tested natural clay that owes its origin to the Southern Alps if New Zealand . It’s a gentle cleanser with disinfectant qualities that While maintaining the skin moisture levels, extracts the excess oils on the skin.

Next important ingredient to be ensured is Macadamia oil, also known as luxurious oil. It is easily absorbed by the skin. Its virtue is its ability to arrest age lines on the skin. After its application there won’t be any of stickiness or buttery feeling.

Bentone gel is another essential ingredient in a skin cleanser to be ensured This deep cleansing ingredient works effectively on all types of skins. Its presence ensures you an ever shining and ever glowing skin.

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