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Experience a soft skin by moisturising it

The facial skin is exposed to constant heat and pollution. It very easily loses Healthcarethe natural moisture and becomes dry. As a result fine lines appear on the skin which eventually turns into early wrinkles. As years add to our age the body starts losing some moisture by itself. So it is always advisable to use a good moisturizing cream or lotion to keep the body skin supple and moisturised.

1. Know your skin type first. Is it normal, dry, oily or mixed? The amount of moisturiser to be used would depend on the skin type. A dry skin needs more cream as compared to an oily skin.

2. Daub cream on the forehead, nose, and cheeks and on the chin.

3. Using the middle finger and the ring finger, evenly smear the cream first on the cheek bone areas. Make outward circles, starting from the centre to the side. Then evenly spread the cream on the chin and forehead areas also.

4. The facial skin is very sensitive so the finger movement during application of cream should be very gentle. Make sure to move the fingers in the right direction otherwise the skin would tend to wrinkle.

5. For the eye area take a little cream, about the size of a green bean. With circular motions of the ring finger apply the moisturiser. The movement can be outward or inward but has to be same for both the eyes.

6. Once the face is moisturised, it is now the neck’s turn. Use the amount of cream that is used for the face. Start applying from the base of the neck towards the chin, gently using your finger tips. Avoid applying the cream in downward direction because it may make the skin flabby and cause wrinkles later.

7. With gentle circular finger movements apply cream around the breast area and allow the skin to absorb the cream. Don’t leave out the abdominal area. Even reach your back to moisturise it with the cream.

8. Daub some cream on the inside of the arms and circle up outside by using finger tips and absorb the cream into the hands and palm.

9. Even the legs need to be moisturised so start the application of cream from your thighs and move down to the toes using fingertips. Keep in mind that you have to moisturize the whole feet. Massaging the feet improves blood circulation.

Moisturising the body immediately after a bath helps the skin to be soft and supple and also helps in retaining the natural body moisture.

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  1. wohh precisely what I was searching for, thankyou for putting up.

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