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Face cleansing creams – Inside matters

It’s easy to get deceived by the looks be it a face or a face cleaning cream. We facialcleanserhumans tend to judge any thing by the looks. it’s a natural trend in humans. The reason is internal things are not as easily visible as the external things. It’s truer in the case of Beauty products like creams, lotions and cleansers. On this very fact multi billion dollar cosmetic industry is based. Attractive cartons with spicy claims will make us fall prey to these products. Take for example, a facial cream. Soft satin like and its creamy appearance will immediately send a signal to our mind, “Aha, this is the cream I was looking for.” Hold on friend, go through the manufacturer’s notes. I’m sure you will see that one of its ingredients is ethylene oxide. You should know there are enough possibilities of forming Dioxane during the manufacturing stage of the facial cleansing cream. Dioxane is a chemical enlisted as a known human carcinogen. It’s not only instrumental in damaging the environment, but also a cancer causing ingredient because it’s not biodegradable. Despite official declarations of the various study groups from all over the world, we find these dangerous face cleansing creams appearing proudly in the shelves of malls and super markets. They are not withdrawn from the markets. They do not contain a caution addressed to the buyer.

In this scenario, it’s for our own sake to exercise utmost caution to identify the right face cleansing cream. After all the skin is ours and saving it from the unwanted side effects is our own responsibility.

Ensuring the presence of Natural ingredients like manuka honey and tea tree oil in the face cleansing cream is the best way to select a harmless product for your skin.

If you use deep cleansing masks don’t fail to look for natural clay extracts in the product. They delay the ageing lines on the face and the neck. Extract the dirt from the pores and absorb the excess oil. In addition to this, the manufacturer’s notes clearly mention the presence of the natural ingredients in the product. The combined action of the clay extracts, shea butter and Macadamia oil in the cream will not allow the mask to dry unlike the other masks in the market that makes the mask hard. You know how difficult it is to remove a dried hard mask.

Besides the natural ingredients another key ingredient in a face cleansing cream is functional keratin. Look for it in the face cleansing cream. This is the best bet for a face sans age lines and a soft and glowing skin.

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