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Face washing, the right way

Face washing for many is a ritual. Washing the face for washing sake is what woman-cleaning-facemajority of us do and believe. Excuse me, if I sound a wee bit Pessimistic. But believe me, there is a way to wash the face and it’s the right way. If you use a soap and wash it in a way that’s not the right way, I’m afraid, you are in for a plethora of skin related ailments, which may be irrevocable.

If you know the basics of the functioning of the skin and the need to wash skin on regular basis you will know why the process of washing the face in the right way is more vital.

You know human skin is the largest of all the organs. Its primary function is to eliminate the body toxins through the pores of the skin in the form of perspiration. For this, the pores should allow the flow of perspiration. The dirt and grime gathered and accumulated on the skin during our day to day grind and the excess oil known as Sebum produced by the sebacaceous glands under the skin comes up to the surface of the skin will clog the pores. In addition to this, skin produces new skin cells periodically and sends the dead skin cells to the surface of the skin.

In this background, think what happens if the face is not washed properly daily. Remnants of the unwanted garbage will lead to serious skin ailments, if left or if properly not washed.

After having an idea about the importance of face washing, let’s see the right way to wash the face and the requisite conditions.
First of the requisite conditions is the temperature of the water. Cool water in the range of 65 to 70 degrees is the preferred temperature. Remember, its cool water, not cold water. Cool water enables the soap get in to the pores better than hot or warm water. This is a simple fact one should adhere to that goes a long way. If you use a facial scrub for washing and cleaning the face, ensure to give an adequate time for covering the face fully including the area between the eyes along with the hairline.

Get in to the habit of checking the contents of the soap or scrub written over the wrapper or on the carton. This helps. A chemically treated acne wash together with an acne treatment, if used, will leave the face dry. Your common sense should come in to fore before jumping to the process of Face washing. The above said precautions are not difficult to follow, but it’s difficult to save your skin from serious damages if neglected.

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