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Facial toners are indispensable

In a bid to lure the customers, cosmetic industry promises many sops and facetonerattribute all kinds of divine qualities to its products .Some claim that without their cosmetics life is not worth living. And some go to the extent of saying that their rival company’s claims are false and it’s only their product specially designed and marketed keeping in view a particular segment of the consumers. Caught in this battle, the poor customer baffled and perplexed stands at the cross roads unable to decide which way to go. There are varied opinions about the necessity of facial toners. Some dermatologists opine that Toners are nothing but extra burden on the purse and there is no need of them to give a lift to the face. There is another diametrically opposite view making circles among the estheticians.

They vouch and stress the indispensable factor of the toners as a facial cleanser.

Estheticians are of the opinion that, a well formulated toner acts as an effective skin cleanser and a hydrating agent. These two factors play a pivotal role in solving the common complexion problems.

Now the million dollar question is, ’who’s right?’

This article helps in getting out of such tricky and hazy situations. It also educates you in imparting a set of rudimental knowledge about facial skin care.

Earlier, toners were exclusively meant for skins. Those toners included ingredients like alcohol. The presence of alcohol damages the skin by robbing away the moisture in the skin. Fortunately, the toners available in the current market are well formulated and gentle. They are rich in astringent herbs, antioxidants, anti irritants and a host of goodies that help enhance the beauty of the face without causing any side effects.

In this context the guide lines laid by Oregon based skin care formulator, organic skin care product manufacturer and the owner of Alchemilla, Deanna Vazquez will be of great help in choosing the right toner for your face.

An ideal facial toner should be well formulated and should be free from alcohol. It should be pH correct organic facial toner. Floral water also helps in promoting the optimal functioning of the skin.

The advantages derived out of such Toners are,

Remnants of cleansers make up, excess oil and chemicals from the tap water are effectively removed. The acidic pH character of the skin protects against the onslaught of bacteria and micro- organisms present in the environment. The alkaline based cleansers will upset the acidic pH characteristic of the skin. Hence a good Toner should be capable of strengthening the acidic pH of the skin. An ideal toner should have the potential to remove ingrained pore stretching impurities effectively decreasing pore size.

Hydrated skin enables the optimal cell function which is necessary for a smooth and supple skin. Skin gets dehydrated when exposed to extreme weather, cleansers and, alcohol based products. This results in skin dehydration. At this juncture, the sebaceous glands in the skin pump out excess oil to compensate. Oily skin is the outcome of this action. A gentle alcohol free toner with ingredients like glycerin or honey will ensure hydration as well as the required moisture, the all important factors for a healthy and glowing skin. A well formulated toner or floral water applied as a mist sets the make- up beautifully and lends a moist and dewy finish sans oiliness. After a hard day’s work or a rigorous regimen a good facial toner or floral water soothes and rejuvenates the skin.

Wisdom lies in ensuring the above qualities in a facial toner to avoid further devastating and irreparable damage to the skin.

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