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Good looks are no more the exclusive domain of women.

Ever since the dawn of civilization, the art of looking goodmenfacialcareremained an exclusive domain of women. Historical evidence says that Experts in feminine beautification were a regular feature in the harems of Chinese, Indian and Egyptian Empires. A bath in a tub filled with Milk to make the skin of a woman soft and satin like was a very common practice in the ancient China . The practice of using A mixture of crushed Pumice stones and water to exfoliate the skin was prevalent since the days of yore. Kohl, a favourite beauty product to impart a glossy and glistening look to the eye dates back to ancient Egyptian era and the list is endless.

With the changing times, the stress on good looks gradually shifted to men also. There is a reason for this shift. Globalisation melted the borders between the countries. Subsequently flood gates were opened wide creating fierce competition in the sphere of living opportunities. Men and women vied with each other to grab the best of the opportunities. This is where experts had to think about a way to analyse an aspirant’s insight to some extent in order to decide the eligibility for a plum post or to that matter to any position that leads to his or her eminence. Demeanor, the outward behavior in general and the Face in particular offer a plethora of clues to unravel the inside of a person. Thus,”Face is the index of a person” has gained ground leading to the emergence of “face and looks enhancing industry” in a big way.

In this scenario, it’s more than essential to strive for owning a pleasant face that acts as a passport to prominence. What are the avenues open to achieve this for men? It’s not a difficult question to answer .The present day markets are flooded with an array of beauty products specially manufactured to cater to the needs of men. But before that knowing about a few rudiments about simple and small but effective ways that pave the way to a long lasting radiance and brilliance to the face will go a long way.

Application of After shave lotions will harden the facial skin about which very few are aware. Hence neglected. Many spend a fortune for their apparel. They ignore the most soft and sensitive human organ, skin and leave it to its fate. More than 15% of men are of oily skinned. That means they have wider pores than women. Owing to this reason, men’s faces are more prone to attract dirt. It goes without saying that due to this condition, it becomes mandatory for a daily cleaning of the face of men. In this process most men are drawn towards deodorant soaps as a means to cleaning the face little knowing that deodorant soaps contain ingredients that damage the skin. In addition to this, they leave a detergent layer on the skin. They clog the pores. Men stay out for a longer duration than women. They take the beatings of the environment pollutants. Toners and astringents containing Alpha hydroxyl or glycolic acids will do lot of good to the facial skin and annul the effects of atmospheric pollutants. These essential ingredients shrink the size of the pores and prevent the growth of ingrown hair. The icing on the cake is they work fast.

It is advised to use men’s face scrub instead of detergent soaps. Face scrubs effectively remove the dead skin cells and other face contaminants.

Depending on the type of skin and the season, you have to choose the right product that exfoliates the dead skin cells effectively. All products available are not useful for your skin. Therefore it’s essential to look into the needs of your skin and decide. That product which removes the oiliness of the skin and adds a luscious look is an ideal product. Peppermint oil is one such product. It’s a good idea to use light powder and blotters that lend a natural look to the face. The other general precautions to be kept in mind are avoidance of over exposure to the sun, stress and junk food. Avoid alcohol consumption and stay as fit as a fiddle.

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