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Facial Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

As a consumer, there are so many different beauty products out on the market. When we enter a department store, we are bombarded with such a variety of products, how do we know what to choose? This applies also when we are purchasing a facial cleanser, weather it’s for normal, dry, oily or sensitive skin.

I want to talk to you about things that you need to know when purchasing a facial cleanser for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be extra careful at what you purchase.

Sensitive skin tends to be very delicate skin. It can have allergic reactions to certain skin care products. It can be more prone to redness, itching and breakouts. It reacts to the chemicals and ingredients that are in products. Usually if there is going to be a reaction, it happens fairly quickly.

Women or men that have sensitive skin should avoid cleansers that have alcohol in them. Alcohol can be very drying and harsh on this type of skin. It can cause the skin to redden and burn. In cleansers that are suited for sensitive skin, alcohol can be listed under different names, such as, methanol, ethanol, benzyl alcohol etc. Eventually, used over a period of time, it can actually destroy the ph balance of the skin.

Alcohol being an antiseptic can actually destroy the good microorganisms found in the skin, which are beneficial to having healthy skin. The epidermal layers of the skin will start to produce more sebum, which can cause your skin to become very oily.

When you have sensitive skin, chemicals that can be present in cleansers, can actually do more harm then good. Preservatives that are used in some cleansers could also cause a reaction to your skin. Check your labels and research the ingredients that are listed on the cleansers. The internet is a great place for this information.

Facial cleansers that say on the label, hypo allergenic, are very popular with people with or without sensitive skin. Check for cleansers that have this on the label.

Cleansers with fragrance should also be avoided. Fragrance often has harsh chemicals, which will irritate the skin. It can even sometimes have hidden alcohol.

Natural ingredient cleansers or organic, are a good option for people with sensitive skin, but always check the labels if purchasing. There can still be toxic to your skin. You can also make your own cleanser from home, and then you will know exactly what is in it and can eliminate harming your skin. There are recipes for homemade cleansers, with ingredients that we use in are own kitchens.

Always use facial cleansers that are designed for sensitive skin. Ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, honey etc. They are all natural ingredients that have antioxidants, which are skin needs. Always, test a small dab on the face before using it all over, checking for sensitivity.

Always remember to check and research the ingredients on the label of the cleanser. This way you will avoid having a bad experience from your cleanser.

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