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How to deal with chapped lips

Just fancy who would not like to have a pair of shining and well shaped lips? lipcareAlong with other parts of the visage lips too add to the over all beauty of a person and specially women. None likes to have chapped lips for it is too annoying. Some people have chapped lips due to some dermatological condition. And some have due to some other factors. Though many would like to associate chapped lips to the dryness of the winter season but this is not the final thing as to why is caused chapped lips. Chapped lips not only hurt, it bleeds, and peels out the softer skin, there are cracks and all unease. You just can not think of a deep kiss when you have chapped lips. This sort of lips is the ones we all would love not to own.

However there are remedies to get over this problem. The most popular and easily accessible one is the lip care balm. Like lotion for the body lip care balm acts to moisturize your lips and is the easiest to apply on.

Lip balm is not similar to lip stick or lip gloss. This is a reminder that many people fell all these same and do not get the desired effect. Undoubtedly, lip stick and lip gloss has the inbuilt moisturizers in them but the sole objective of these articles is to brighten and enhance the look of the lips. They are to beatify but lip balm it to cure. Lips balm has medicinal effect while the two other have not. Besides lip balm can be used by both male and female, lipstick is not worn by men unless there is a specific reason. Lips balms are applied to sooth the sore and heal the ill.

Lip balms are manufactured with variety of ingredients. This depends on the different brand. The more renowned is the brand the more effective medicinal ingredients are used. Some brands use the natural extracts such as bee wax, natural menthol, scented oils and camphor and other organic items. Besides them some brands add olive oil, almond oil, alum, salicylic acid and other vitamins which are suitable for the purpose.

When you are under treatment of the chapped lips you should see that you are not exposed too coursing sun and chill wind and harsh whether. There is nothing wondering to feel that lips are just like your skin and what is soothing for your skin is soothing for your lips too.

Finally when you have chapped lips you have to be ever careful that it is under control and you take care of food that might have direct touch with your lips.

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  1. Its surprising how many people get the two mixed up. Lip balm in itself is as the article itself points out to aid the recovery and re-moisture process of chapped and dry lips whereas although lip gloss and lip stick although they contain moisturising properties they are more to retain moisture on healthy lips as opposed to replacing lost moisture.

    A great post and some useful information. Thanks

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