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How to look beautiful without really trying

This is natural that everyone wishes to look beautiful and this applies more beautyon our women folks. Beauty attracts every one. A beautiful woman is the attraction for all. With her beauty she and talent she could reach any point let alone her merely looking gorgeous.

When beauty and intellect mix together there is no surprise that she participates in any beauty contest and wins crowning glory for herself and the country she represents as well. Hence beauty tips for women to enhance her look have become almost necessary needs to fulfill.

These days there is no dearth of beauty tips as Internet plays a great role besides ones having personal contact in this regard. This is not a surprising matter if some women get their hands on some unique beauty tips and are not sharing with others or some may share too but in all cases there are both products as heath supplements and cosmetic items that are available in the market. Besides seeking advice from beauticians one could try with milk of magnesia which is very popular among the beauty conscious people.

If you are keen on your look you must stay away from excess of coffee, alcohol, chocolates and junk food. Instead you should increase your intake of fruits of all kinds that go well with you. Healthy and timely food is another secret to your beauty. Vegetables with fiber, water, foods containing E vitamin should include your food menu.

Washing your face besides taking bath is a must. Instead of washing your face with soap better use face wash that cleanses and does not harm the skin. Washing your face should follow a cream based lotion and this should follow with application of a good and standard moisturizer.

You need to opt for natural cleansers. Apart from washing your face two to three times you should clean your eye with eye cream only. Make drinking plenty of water your added habit and when you are out in the Sun, sunscreen lotion must not be forgotten. Always rely on natural beauty packs. Remember your mind is top of everything. If you have a clear mind, no worry, no stress, clear conscience and ever cheerful disposition you would have double benefit for sense of beauty should come from within the mind too.

When you are free you could do something for yourself. All you need to make is a mixture with ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar in a gallon of water and keep it in the refrigerator. At least once a fortnight wash your hair with shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly and apply two cups of the mixture on your scalp and let it saturate all over. Use cold water and avoid the hair doing products.

To add to the tips you could try with cucumber juice and the white of an egg, teaspoonful of lemon juice and vodka when applied on the face work as an anti wrinkle lotion.

Home remedies of Exfoliating:

¼ cup of ground coffee and one table spoon of salt makes a good face rinse.

Acid exfoliating  of pine apple works nicely on the skin.

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