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How to select your Dream Cream

The inherent trait of gullibility in the human beings is exploited to the core by the ist1_2327147-cream

business community in general and cosmetic industry in particular/ Gullibility. Is taking the things for granted. Gullibility is falling prey to the tricks of others. Let’s see how celerity’s endorsement of a beauty product tricks us and makes us believe blindly the product. We try to convince ourselves, “ If the product is good to him or her, it must be good to me too.” God alone knows whether the celebrity is using that particular product or not. It’s a fact, you can’t deny it. This is just one trick only among many other tricks played by the market. In some countries, it’s mandatory for the manufacturer of cosmetics to enlist the contents of the product on a label on the bottle or a container. But how many are doing it? In countries where illiteracy is more, a consumer easily falls prey to the tricks. Then you may ask why all this brain wash pertaining to the market, And how it’s relevant to the beauty products”? Please be with me for a few seconds, you can understand the relevance.

Any beauty product, especially a skin care product like a mask or a cleanser or a cream, available in the market is invariably stuffed with harmful chemicals which not only drill a hole in your pocket, drill holes in your face also. If they are not closely watched and observed, who will suffer? It’s you and your skin. That’s why, it’s of vital importance to know about the contents, whether they are harmless natural products or not and next, whether they are suitable to your skin type or not. This knowledge will equip you to face effectively the onslaught of market tricks. It will help you choose the right facial cream to keep your skin and general health in good condition.

Avoid Soap to wash your face. The triple sutra “Cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate” has to be remembered by all, who care to keep their skin radiant and young for ever,

Avoid fragrances. There is no necessity of fragrance in a skin care product. Chemicals are used to impart fragrance to a beauty product. These chemicals do more harm than good.

Avoid Parabens. They are used to add shelf life to the product. Their contribution to enhance the health of the skin is a big Zero. Its presence may lead to cancer. It lowers estrogen levels.

Look for the presence of natural ingredients. See if the product contains cynergy TK, avocado oil, phytessence wakame, nanobelle coenzyle Q10, take it as your dream cream.

In a nutshell the above information should lead you to the right cream. This in its turn helps you to keep your skin healthy.

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