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How to take good care of our hair

Hair is one such asset of our physical body that everyone loves to take care of haircareit not only that it saves the skull from direct sun rays but also provides ample scope to people who like to make different hair designs and styles. If this hair starts falling unnaturally there is no end to worry. But in most cases fall of hair is normal. In case this is abnormal there are surely some causes like dandruff, skin problem, water problem, use of chemical products on hair and the scalp. Besides them there are several other problems related to premature hair fall.

Every one loves to be a proud owner of glossy and shining hair and to make their hair look so they resort to market products that assures of thick and beautiful hair but what comes to happen is most of those product cause harm to your hair and when you realize the fact it is too late.

Since our hair types are different, it is therefore necessary that when you buy any product for your hair see the content list and if they are friendly to hair then only buying that product would make sense or to be more on the safe side if you have persistent hair problem you better see a dermatologist or a hair expert.

There is no doubt that we shampoo our hair primarily to get away from the accumulated dirt on it and some do it on regular basis. But it could be a greater cause of hair fall as with each shampooing the natural hair oil that the scalp provides gets washed too and if the hair type is dry the production of oil would stop and hair fall would start. Hence it is advisable that before you take up shampoo, know your hair and only then decide on applying them.

We have two basic types of hair – curly and straight. Curly hair is naturally oily but in case it is dry always use conditioner and do treat them every two weeks so that they are smooth and the curls are let to relax. While combing curly hair you surely feel difficulty and therefore it is better to do the hair when it is still wet and conditioned but never over do.

Strait here is easy to deal with. It is easy to see if it is oily or dry and also easy to wash and comb. If your straight hair is dry you need to treat them on regular basis.

The most annoying thing with hair is the split end. To avoid this you should stop frequent combing, curling, using hair perfume too frequently, ironing, rolling etc.

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