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If you are dry skinned, you cannot afford to ignore these facts.

Dry skin reminds me the parched land with deep burrows in a drought spa-beauty-facialaffected place. Dry skin in any other part of the body can be tolerated to some extent, but never on the face. You know the reason. Face acts like a mirror that reveals al most all the traits of your personality. There is truth in the age old adage, “Face is the index of one’s personality”. This single reason is enough to know the reason for people’s mad rush to keep their facial skin’s sanctity by hook or crook.

A typical characteristic of dry skin is, it affects the skin around the mouth, nose and eyes. Treatments, exclusively meant for these areas are available in abundance. This article is aimed at highlighting the salient features of dry skin and the essential treatments.

Before, we proceed to actualities; a preliminary knowledge about the types of skin will go a long way, and enable you to know what kind of treatment is suitable to what kind of skin. This saves a lot of savings on your money. More than this, the knowledge will help you saving your precious skin.

Let us start with the skin types. There are three types of skins. Dry skin, oily skin and a combination of dry and oily skin, though there are people whose skin doesn’t fall in any type of above said categories. In the following lines ,we will see how to know about, an individual’s skin type just with a simple test that can be done using a few pieces of rice paper or a lens- cleaning tissue paper in the home.

Wash your face and pat it with a soft towel without wiping. Place any type of paper mentioned above at different places of your face. Observe, If the paper falls off, the skin is dry. If the paper doesn’t stick and picks up oily patches, the skin is oily. If the paper sticks to certain spots in the T- Zone, the skin is a combination type. For a combination type of skin, the treatment is easy.

It’s necessary to go through four steps to treat Dry skin. The first being, wetting the face, with warm water and applying an oil based facial cleanser. While choosing your cleanser, ensure the oil content is just sufficient to your skin, neither more or less. Too less of oil will lead further to dry skin and too much of oil to Acne.

The second step is exfoliation. It need not be a daily ritual. Can be done on weekly basis, by microdermabrasion and retenoids. Monthly chemical Lemon peel is the best choice, if you can afford. The treatment of the skin with microdermabrasion help scrub off the later of dry skin that dulls your complexion. Microdermabrasion kits are available commercially.

The third step in the list is moisturizing, after misting or dampening, if you don’t have acne. Again the task if ensuring the right moisturizer is essential. It should not make you feel greasy.

The last step but an important step is sun screening. A moisturizer with UV protection would be an ideal one. This saves the skin from the ravages caused by exposure to sun. However, to annul irritation caused by the sun screen during day time, it is advised to use a different moisturizer after dark. Don’t think that winter sun and an overcast Sun is less damaging than the summer sun.

Complete the cycle religiously and be assured of skin sans blemishes, wrinkles and spots on your face.

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  1. I should digg your post so other folks are able to see it, really helpful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

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