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If your facial cleanser has Olivem 600,grab it

Today’s cosmetic markets are overflowing with a plethora of beauty products.blackcrem The manufacturers of these cosmetic products promise stars to the consumers. They vouch for their products assuring you to make a star out of you overnight. Consumers in a bid to look good instantly fall for these products. Why not, when their own favorite celebrity star is endorsing the veracity of the product? Thus, the poor gullible consumer walks straight away in to the net. By the time, he knows the extent of damage caused by the so called premier beauty products much much more than the benefits, starts reflecting ”What should be my ideal beauty product”?

Dear consumer, don’t be disheartened. Going natural way is the only way out for the woes. Utmost care has to be taken to ensure the presence of natural, chemical free ingredients in your beauty product. More so, if it’s a facial cleanser. Because, in this case the most sensitive part of the skin, that is your facial skin is involved. Any negligence on your part will lead to disastrous results. My answer to your problem is Olive oil. Yes, you heard it right. Olivem 800 is a derivative of olive oil. See that Olivem 800 is present in your facial cleanser.

“Olive oil as a skin care product”? People shudder to use Olive oil as a skin care product for the misconception they were accustomed with for years about olive oil. They believe that it leaves a greasy face and clogs up the pores leading to Pimples. Who wants to live with Pimples? No body. Isn’t it? Such people resort to those skin care practices about which they know to be on the safe side.

This write up helps not only to clear the misconceptions, but also lesser known virtues of Olive oil that were ignored all along. Well researched evidence shows that Olive oil is akin to the natural oils produced by the facial skin. It’s not all. It works for both oily and dry skin. We are aware that Olive oil is a rich repository of antioxidants and vitamins. Then why it should not be used in facial cleansers? What could be a better natural product than olive oil that’s free from chemicals for using as a facial cleanser? You are right. Provided the cosmetic producers refrain from adding skin damaging agents like Mineral oils and different types of alcohols along with the olive oil.

Mineral oils and alcohols, rob away the natural moisture of the skin leading to irreparable damage to the skin and formation if ageing lines. The appearance of ageing lines clearly indicates the lack of vital proteins in the skin to produce collagen and elastin responsible for keeping the skin in its natural firmness and elasticity.

Olive oil itself has natural healing properties. It’s derivative Olivem 800 is an emulsifier, very effective in penetrating deep in to the skin and hydrating

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