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Men’s Facial Cleansers- What to look for

Not long ago, when I attended a family gathering ,to my utter astonishment and cosmetic cream with flowersembarrassment, I noticed people staring at me stealthily and talking among themselves in hushed tones. Wisdom dawned on me instantaneously. I knew the reason for the odd behavior of the people around me on that fateful day. For the first time in my life I used a facial cream of my sister to present myself in a good way in that family function. I thought the ridicule makers around me were right. Because, in those days it was rare for a man to use any makeup. And needless to say such males invariably used to become butts of laughter.

The above incident. Is no more relevant to the present times. The desire to look good has become a common domain to both males and females. In the present scenario of fierce competition, in all the spheres of life, to gain an edge to become a winner, it’s essential to have a good look especially, the face. There is a lot of truth in the age old adage, “Face is the index if one’s personality.”

Seeing the demand for looking good, cosmetic manufacturers took advantage and flooded the market with Fancy products like face cleansers. Masks, creams, lotions, and of course the tall and false claims. The manufacturers are well aware of the human weakness of falling prey to the advertisements endorsed by celebrities.

Be equipped with the reality. Educate yourself with the facts. Question yourself, every time you stand before the counter of a fancy cosmetic shop, “Is this the product that enhances my facial beauty? Are the ingredients of the product safe for my skin in the long run?”

What to be careful about

Parabens: Parabens are added in to a beauty product to enhance it’s shelf life. It’s known to have cancer causing qualities.


Alcohols are of different types. Ethyl alcohol, Methanol, SD Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol so on and so forth. Whatever may be the manifestation of Alcohol, you should know that they rob away the natural moisture of your facial skin.

Fragrance: What on earth is the role of Fragrance in a skin care product especially in a men’s facial cleanser? Be aware, that fragrance is a bait to trap the consumers. Fragrances do not have a place in skin care products.

What to look for:

Cynergy TK: It’s true that skin needs Collagen and Elastin to firm up the skin to make you look ever younger. But Cynergy TK, a natural substance whose virtues were discovered by a team of researchers from New Zealand , has the potential to produce both Callagen and Elastin, simultaneously strengthening the Skin’s natural ability to repair on its own. What all you have to do is to continue the use of face cleanser that contains Cynergy TK without leaving after some time. The more prolonged time you use such face cleansers, the more firmness and tautness, your skin acquires.

Remember, skin is yours. Wisdom lies in exercising utmost care while selecting your facial cleanser to avoid the onslaught of skin disasters.

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