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Natural skin care- need of the hour

Once the natural cure, natural beauty products,beauty-zen to that matter, beauty-zenany thing connected with nature used to be a laughing stock. “What these leaves, roots, oils and stems are going to do for my beauty?

They are the creations of the way side quacks. Why one should go for these roots and leaves when there are scientifically proved methods at our disposal”? was a talk heard everywhere in the western world as well as in those countries where these natural methods were born.

We all know, though late truth ultimately prevails. With the passage of time, the dreadful facts about the main stream methods ranging between health care to beauty care started seeing the light. At last wisdom started dawning over the people.

They realized that the so called much hyped scientifically proven therapeutic methods are in reality not the therapeutic methods but are killers in disguise. Beauty product consumers too realized. The Chemicals, alcohols, minerals, fragrance causing chemicals and preservatives are nothing but the hidden marauders of their health and skin.

Let me quote the example of China , Sri Lanka , India and Indonesia to name a few who witnessed a sudden spurt in their tourism. Spas in India and other countries started drawing millions of people from all over the world. People vexed with synthetic drugs and chemicals thronging these countries to reverse back their damaged health conditions through natural methods using naturally available things.

And the numbers are increasing day by day. In this back drop, you can understand and appreciate the reasons for my insistence on natural beauty care.

First and foremost reason is they are free from skin devastating chemicals. Hence there is no fear of side effects. Secondly, nature cure is a holistic treatment. That means, they cure the root of the problem, ensuring the non recurrence of the problem. Beauty products with Essential oils impart a pleasant aroma to the product. Essential oils like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, peppermint are extensively used in aroma therapy.They are effective stress busters. Essential oils are extracted from the roots, flowers, leaves and barks. They promote physical and emotional well being.

A bit of caution regarding natural things. Don’t take them for granted.

Despite the fact, they are harmless it should be remembered that the best of the things too have their flop and up sides. Which is why, it is essential on the part of the user to examine the suitability factor to his or her skin in particular and health in general.

When in doubt, consult relevant websites available in abundance all over the web.In a nutshell, the point I want to drive home is that, don’t simply rush for a beauty product because it has done loads of good to your neighbor. Check it’s suitability to YOU, because things work differently on different skin types. Use your wisdom and settle for a product with all natural ingredients and reap the fruits all through the life.

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