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Natural way, a safe bet for a radiating skin./ why Face wash is important?

Before knowing the necessity and importance of Face washing, it’s necessarywoman-cleaning-face to know a few facts about human skin.

Our face consists of innumerable number of “Sebaceous glands.” These sebaceous glands are a part of “Pilosebaceous unit.” Each of these units contains a hair follicle and a hair. Barring a few areas like palms, soles and lower lip, these Pilosebaceous units are found everywhere on the human skin. These Pilosebaceous units are mostly prevalent on the face, chest and the upper neck.

Coming back to sebaceous glands, they produce “sebum”, a substance responsible for keeping the facial skin adequately moisturized. If the amount of sebum is more than what’s required by the body, the skin becomes oily. If it is otherwise the skin becomes dry.

Being equipped with this knowledge, it becomes easy to understand the necessity and importance of face cleaning. We are aware of the fact, that usage of cosmetics to enhance the glow and beauty of the face leads to formation of film on the skin. This film traps the dust and grime and other unwanted pollutants we are being subjected to during our daily chores.

In this background, we feel the necessity of cleaning of the face. Before we embark on the task of face cleaning it’s mandatory to know about the delicate nature of the skin. The facial skin easily gets irritated because of the existence of lesser number of cell layers on the upper layer of the facial skin. This fact warrants using the mildest cleanser to wash the face.

The shelves of the cosmetic markets offer an array of Facial cleansers. But not all of them are good to your skin. Most of the facial skin cleansers use chemicals which are harmful to the skin and there is every possibility of causing an irrevocable damage to the skin. It goes without saying to keep an eye on the presence of such harm causing chemicals in the facial skin.

With the advent of Herbal facial cleansers, more and more people are oriented towards them as they do not contain harmful chemicals that harm the skin. More than this, herbal face cleansers never lead to side effects. Many cosmetic manufacturers, seeing the way in which consumers are turning their face away from the chemical laden cleansers,  creams and sun screens started producing Face cleansers  creams and other skin care products consisting of  organic Aloe Vera, natural oils like Coconut, Almonds, Palm, Papaya and banana to name a few. Be sure to examine carefully whether the above said natural ingredients are present or not in the face wash or cream you are going to use.

Besides choosing a product to take care of your skin, be it a face wash or a cream or a sunscreen a simple fundamental thing that forms the very basis of face wash should not be ignored. Your skin especially your facial skin is very sensitive. Treat it gently. Use very soft towels or clothes to wipe the face.

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