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Organic ingredients in your facial cleanser cream should be your Watch word.

Among all the beauty products, Facial cleanser creams take the pride spa-cosmeticsspa-cosmeticsof place with regards to their demand. In a plethora of colors and hues and mesmerizing fragrances, they are seen in the shelves of the dazzling malls. The cartons and the wrappers are so irresistible that you are sure to stop at the display windows for a while. You are not the one to get lured by these alluring products. Majority of the beauty seekers are like you.

I don’t find a fault with the behavior of the people. They are just longing to be in line with the current trends of “looking good.” What I object is falling head and shoulders over a facial cream just on the basis of its looks without knowing the contents of the cream. Or without caring to see the product labels or accompanying literature. This hasty way of reaching out for the products may lead to far reaching consequences.

Remember you are dealing with the skin in general and face in particular. While dealing with the skin, you should exercise utmost caution in scrutinizing the suitability of the product to your skin. It’s mandatory on your part to check rhe ingredients in the product. You may ask, “how do I know the suitability and unsuitability part”? You are right and that’s what this article is all about. After reading this article, you will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge that enables you choose the right facial cleanser cream

To start with, check out if there are alcohols in the product. Avoid the product if they are present. Look out for the presence of petroleum related chemicals and fragrances. All these ingredients will damage the skin by robbing away the natural oils present in the skin vital to protect the skin.

The best bet to beautify your skin is that facial cleansing cream that contains organic ingredients. Ingredients cultivated and grown without using chemicals and pesticides are Organic ingredients. They make their presence known through their visible results.

A protein known as Keratin is a very useful ingredient to look for in the facial cleanser creams. Keratin is available in facial moisturizers. There are two forms of Keratin. One, a synthetic Keratin and the other is functional Keratin, used in the facial cleanser creams. It is known as Cynergy TK, in the trade parlances. Functional Keratin is very similar to the Keratin produced by the human body. The virtues of Keratin are, it arrests the wrinkle formation, imparts elasticity to the skin and helps in growth of new skin.

Cynergy TK is not the only skin friendly organics ingredient. There are several organic ingredients. Prominent among them is Manuka honey, it’s a monoflonal honey. The uniqueness of the honey lies in the fact; the bees collect the nectar only from the flowers grown on the Manuka bush. Manuka bushes are native to Switzerland . It’s not all.

It’s antibacterial. Antiviral. Rich in antioxidants. These virtues of Manuka honey made it an ideal candidate for treating most of the health conditions including common cold. Yes, you heard it right. Manuka honey is the accepted and effective cure for common cold. So, if your facial cleanser cream consists Manuka honey, treat it as a blessing. You reap the benefits of its facial cleansing and its effective curing quality of common cold.

As a consumer of beauty products, who cares for the skin and who doesn’t want to give a cruel treatment to the skin, you should always go for products with organic ingredients,

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  1. you can actually shorten the symptoms of common cold by taking lots of vitamin-c”– It is also good for maintaining skin tissue integrity and does good to add for any facial care regimen

  2. common cold is really hard to prevent becaue the virus always mutate –

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