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Preservatives in Face Cleansers

Most products that you use on your face and body have a shelf life. What this means is there is a date on the products box or container that will tell you how long this product is good for. After the date has expired, they are removed from the shelves and replaced with new ones. The products have preservatives added to them, to give them a longer shelf life.

Many face cleansers and creams have parabens added to them. This is a preservative that preserves the product, from deteriorating. Parabens are usually synthetic and made in a lab, but there are natural parabens that are found in some plants. They are chemicals that are widely used in cleansers, moisturizers and even some food products. Some cleansers have numerous different parabens that are used in the product.

Parabens have never been proven to be harmful to the human being. There have been incidents where parabens have been found in tumors in breast tissue. Some underarm deodorants have parabens in them and have been argued that this could have been one of the reasons why the tumors in the breast tissue were caused by it. Parabens can be absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. They can accumulate in the tissues in our body.

Paraben-free skin care products are becoming very popular in today’s market. Many people are searching for more healthy alternatives and are becoming more aware of what might be in the products and foods that we purchase. Its always a safe practice to use face cleansers and moisturizers that are paraben-free. Natural ingredients, such as grapeseed and orange oil, also work as a preservative and are not harmful to the face and body. Go for face cleansers and moisturizers that are natural and wholesome. They are so good for you, that you could eat them.

Organic facial cleansers and moisturizers are free of parabens. If this is a concern to you, it’s better to stick with the more natural products. They won’t harm you and its better to be safe then sorry. Because natural products have been grown and come from the earth, the majority of people can use them, without any side affects. They also don’t usually have any fragrance or alcohol added to them, which may also cause a skin reaction. Dermatologists have always recommended not to use cleansers and face creams that have fragrance and chemical preservatives.

There are other preservatives that have been used in facial products for years. Scientifically they have not been proven to work. A small percentage of people are allergic to these preservatives. It can cause irritation and break outs, and by using them will just worsen the skin condition.

Other chemicals to be aware of in cleansers and beauty products are toluene or Inof acrylamide. They have been linked to certain cancers.

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