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Redefine the eyes with eyeliner

Eyes are the most expressive part of the face. They need proper definition 2wmakeup5aand if this is achieved then all eyes fall on you. Eyeliners highlight the eyes and give definition to them. Eye liners are applied after the eye shadow and before the mascara. To highlight light coloured eyes, brown, navy blue and charcoal liners are used and for dark or black eyes, brown and plum shaded do the magic. Liquid eyeliners are used for hard looks and pencil eyeliners are used for a softer look. To experiment with colours, one can apply dark eye shadows as eyeliners with a moist brush.

Application of the liner should be done with a delicate hand by tilting the head slightly backwards and keeping the eyes half open so that one can see oneself in the mirror. Draw a clear line on the upper lid from the inner side of the eye to the outer side. Eyes must open when the liner has dried. Apply the liner in one smooth stroke when using a liquid liner where as apply with smaller strokes when using a pencil liner. A thin stroke of liner looks better than a thick stroke. If the look is harsh then one can soften it by smudging it with a brush. Before application one must practice using a liquid liner. If the hand shakes then one can try standing close to the mirror and take its support to stable the hand while applying. Never forget to wash the brush after application.

If a powder shadow is used as a liner then it is advisable to hold a tissue under the eye. A sponge applicator is one of the best tools for eye liners. It is easier to highlight the eye with a series of dashes or dot or short feather- like stokes rather than with a single stroke. To highlight the inner rims of the upper and lower lids, kohl pencils are the ideal. Other things get smeared easily in this area and they are not good for the eyes too, so kohl pencils are preferred.

Keeping in view the eyelid area one can achieve a traditional look. Large eye lid areas can be defined by thick and soft liners while small eyelid areas can get definition by thinner and more intense lines. Eye liners basically redefine the eyes and highlight them. Liners give depth to the eyes so one can go in for dark brown, black or grey shades of liners on the upper lid and softer shades of black, grey or brown can be used for the lower lids. Give a new definition to the eyes.

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  1. eye shadows that are waterproof are great and i always use them’”"

  2. clearly you would like high sales for you book ; otherwise, why do all the work? But be clear about your vision.

  3. Oooooo I like the lanterns idea – the last time I was at Ikea they had adorable metal lanterns in the ideal carrying size with etched glass panels for likeā€¦ $5! Yay how perfect for a winter wedding! They’re entirely spray-paintable too.

  4. This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. This is extremely nice 1 and gives in depth information.

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