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Right selection of foundation holds the key for a stunning make up.

You might have seen an interior decorator applying a base coat foundationbefore the actual color is applied on the walls, In the same lines as an artist applies an under coat of paint before starting his painting. This shows that for any coat of color to stand firm and stable, an under coat or a foundation is necessary. Facial make up is not an exception. The basic function of any under coat is to hold the surface application firm with a consistent but a balanced shine and sheen. This thumb rule holds good for any kind of make up. Here in the ensuing lines of this article, we probe the characteristics of a foundation that serves the dual purpose of holding the ultimate make up and enhances the appearance for a long time.

The importance of experimenting with different types of foundations cannot be underrated. It has to be seen that your foundation must hide the blemishes and balances the shining. The right foundation neither should impart an unnatural shining on the extremely smooth areas of the face or muddy appearance with thick visible patches. See the options available to you in the market. Liquid make up and pressed powder make up are the two varieties of make up at your disposal.

Liquid make up is not favored by some as it messes up a lot and may not deliver the desired results. In addition to this, you have to change the sponge applicators very often. It’s not so in the case of powder make up. What all you need is a small select brushes to apply make up. These brushes are made to different needs of the facial make up. They are kabuki brushes, buffer brushes or contour brushes. The icing on the cake is that these brushes can be reused and can be easily and cozily packed in to the hand bags of the women. There is no fear of spillages unlike liquid make up.

Pressed powders are available that suit an oily skin or a sensitive skin. They are excellent in reducing the shine due to excessive oiliness of the skin. They are skin friendly. They do not cause any damage to the skin.

The shade of the powder you pick for your make up should be in line with the tone of your skin. It’s advised to choose translucent pressed powder for the foundation for your make up, because it suits to all the skin tones.

Its essential to bear in mind the season as the skin tone is likely to change during different seasons. Owing to this reason it’s advised to keep different pressed powder shades handy to take care of the make up in any season. It’s not out of place to mention here that pressed powder make up enables you to cover quite a few irregular features in the face by intelligently using the right shade. You can give a sculpted look to your face. You can make your cheek bones look more prominent or you can hide your double chin. The list goes on. But remember to reap the fruits of pressed powder make up, you have to remember the rudiments of selecting the right foundation. If once the right foundation is chosen, be assured of an angelic look that makes the heads turn.

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