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Scrubs, you cannot afford to ignore them

It’s difficult to choose a beauty product if the options are too many. facescrub1It becomes further difficult if the advantages claimed by the manufacturers of the beauty product are of the same nature. Hence, it’s necessary to weigh the pros and cons before buying a beauty product. Because the organ for which the product is going to be used is “Skin”, the largest of all the human organs. Skin does the most vital function of expelling the toxins in the form of sweat through the pores. Hence one has to think twice and exercise utmost caution before thinking of using any beauty product to enhance the quality of the skin.

Before proceeding further in to the realm of Skin care, it’s necessary to know about basic terms related to skin care. This knowledge goes a long way in selecting the right product to your skin to retain its natural qualities.

The first term to be introduced to you is “Exfoliation.” Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead skin cells formed on the surface of the skin from to time. Our skin renews itself every 25 to 30 days. This means a batch of new skin cells are formed sending the dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. Factors like make up, atmospheric pollutants and stress to name a few may impede the skin’s renewal process, imparting a dull and old look to the skin. This is where the process of Exfoliation becomes necessary.

The periodicity of exfoliation, that is how many times, we are required to use exfoliation depends on the age factor. As we age, the skin loses the ability of producing new skin cells decreases. Regular exfoliating enhances the cell turnover rate.. This in its turn makes the skin radiating Nd ever youthful.

There are several kinds of scrubs to perform the process of exfoliation. Out of them ,mechanical and chemical exfoliation are important. Mechanical exfoliation can be done at home,Spa and beauty salons. Granular scrubs are the popular lot because of their appealing granular feeling. These scrubs are made with ground apricots, ground almonds sea salt and sugar.

Chemical exfoliation ,generally done in Spas can be done in homes also. In this process AHAs or alphahydroxy acids are commonly used.

However, despite the importance of exfoliation over usage of scrubbing may lead to abrasion of the skin. abrasion leads to further skin related problems, which is why it is important to know the number of scrubbings your skin needs over a particular time period
Baking soda mixed with warm water is the best bet for a safe scrub.

All in all, it’s important to understand the necessity of scrubbing. It’s a wrong belief that mere face washing ritual with water and a cleanser will do the job of removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Only scrubbing, in regular intervals can deliver the goods and becomes instrumental in giving a radiant and youthful look to your face.

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