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Should You Use Facial Cleansers or Soap?

Cleansing of the face is very important because are faces have sebaceous glands that make sebum. This is a oily substance which protects the outer layer of the skin. On a daily basis, our skin collects the grime, pollutants and stresses of everyday living. The skin on the face is exposed to many harmful chemicals that are in the air, such as cigarette smoke and dust. With all of the grime, you would think that we would have to cleanse very aggressively.

Never use the soap that is used for cleansing the body on your face. Soap that you use on your body is far to drying for skin on the face. What is good for the body is not necessarily good for the face. Body soap has harsh detergents and usually has fragrance, which is very irritating to the face. The skin on the face is very delicate and has to be handled with care.

Over time soap on the face will cause wrinkles. It will dry the skin out and remove the sebum, which in turn will harm the skin. Our faces are expressive and always moving, so using soap will just emphasize tightness. Soaps have a very high pH and will cause irritation to the face.

Facial cleansers are designed and made for the skin on the face. They have a low pH level and will not strip the facial skin of its natural oils. Sebum is good for the skin and should not be stripped completely. It is a protection for the skin and stripping it completely will cause it to produce more and then you could end up with over production of sebum, which will cause an oily complexion.

Always remember that not all facial cleansers are the same. Some have alcohol and other harsh ingredients in them. Always read the labels and check for ingredients, like honey, plant extracts, keratin and coenzyme. The more natural the ingredients, the less it will cause irritation to the skin. Using a mild cleanser to effectively remove dirt and grime is the best one to choose.

A good facial cleanser should contain, moisturizing and hydrating ingredients. It should have cleansing ability to heal and nourish the skin. Also contain antioxidants to counter the free radicals of everyday exposure to the harsh elements in our environment.

Choosing a facial cleanser can be confusing. There are so many different brands on the market. Also knowing your skin type, weather its is dry or oily will help to choose what is right for you. The cleansers come in a variety of different forms, such as creams, gels, foams, lotions, and some have granules for exfoliating. There are cleansing cloths that have the cleanser right in it, so all you add is the water.

Facial cleansers are tested for how irritating it is on the skin and for allergic reactions. Soap on the other hand, will just irritate the delicate face skin. Soap, therefore should never be used on the face. Keep the soap for the body!

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