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Stop Face wrinkles

When you see the first of the emerging lines on your skin, or puffy bags andfacewrinkles dark circles beneath your eyes, what are your feelings? You feel that your age started taking its toll. And you look for a cream or lotion to conceal them first. As the days pass on and the lines and wrinkles hitherto looked feeble are becoming more prominent, you start thinking about a Cosmetic therapy or a surgical therapy. Fortunately the market is flooded with scores of cosmetics that can either conceal or make wrinkles, blemishes and crow’s feet vanish once and for all depending in the therapy you choose.

Before embarking on the task of erasing the wrinkles, age lines and blemishes, it would be of great help to know about the reasons for wrinkle formation, Dos and Don’ts for using different cosmetics available in the market

What are the causes of wrinkles?

Ageing alone is not the cause for wrinkle formation. The elastic fiber is responsible for keeping the skin taut, loses its elasticity with the advancing of age. This results in sagging of the skin. Yet there is another reason for the wrinkles to form. Even young people, who are habituated to frown often, will get deep frown lines between their eyebrows and on the forehead. In addition to the above said reasons, exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun. Ultra violet rays are again classified as Ultra violet A and Ultra violet B. UVA or ultra violet A causes skin tanning, wrinkles and a skin cancer known as melanoma. UVB or ultra violet B is associated with sunburns, basal and two other types of skin cancer.

As mentioned earlier with the right usage of cosmetics one can conceal the wrinkles.

Moisturizers help in giving a glow to the skin. But it should be borne in mind moisturizer has to be applied before you apply foundation. There are tinted moisturizers available which can be used as a foundation too. Use these tinted moisturizers if your skin is discolored or pale. The general ingredients in a moisturizer are collagen, AHA and sunscreens.

Next in the order come Foundations. Foundations come with matte and semi matte finish. Dabbing a face powder over the foundation will conceal or minimize the appearance of the wrinkles. Neutralizers as the very name indicates function as effective blemish concealers. It’s essential to know what type of neutralizer to be used for different colored blemishes. To conceal red blemishes use green neutralizers. Purple neutralizers conceal yellow blemishes. Dark blemishes can be taken care of by Pearl based neutralizers.

Blushes are used to conceal dilated capillaries on the nose and cheeks. There are two varieties of blushes. Powder blushes and cream blushes. Powder blushes blend easily with foundation. Choose the right blush for an effective result.

For defining deep-set eyes use powder eye shadows. Applying a light coloured powder eye shadow on the upper lid crease will yield excellent results. When it comes to dark circles and puffiness using under eyed gels is advisable. It’s essential to use under eye cream at the earliest as the under eye skin is sensitive and is prone to wrinkles.

While using the lipstick, it’s advised to use a facial foundation before a lipstick is applied. This helps in preventing bleeding or spreading of the lipstick to the other areas of the face. Aged people should avoid dark shades as they make them look still old. For thin lips ideal shades are matte lipstick shades.

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