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The role and necessity of a scrub

Face washing is an activity common to all of us irrespective of sex or social attractive-young-woman-getting-a-facialstatus. We have to wash the face at one time or the other during the day to clean the remnants of the dirt and grime caused by the atmospheric vagaries and the exposure to the sun while attending our day to day jobs. This is the necessity. Now let us see the effectiveness of our cleaning methods.

For most of us, cleaning the face is the ritual, that involves just splashing the water and wiping out with a towel or a cloth. Some will grab the nearest soap bar and rub vigorously, wash and wipe. Just question your self, “Is it the reason for washing the face”? To know the answer for this question, you have to know about the functions of the skin and its role in eliminating the accumulated toxins both on the surface and under the skin.

Skin is the largest of all the human organs. Nature has assigned the job of eliminating the toxins through perspiration. For this, skin uses the pores of the skin through which it drives away the toxins. In this process, it has to ensure the clean passages without obstruction. It is also necessary to ensure that the skin cells produced from time to time are removed to enable the pores to eliminate the toxins. Failure of which will lead to a plethora of skin related ailments like Acne and skin cancer. The whole process of removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin is known as “Exfoliation.”

Now, coming back to the beginning our face washing ritual will all these tasks effectively? Can this ritual save us from the skin diseases? The answer is a firm NO. I’m sure, you will ask, “Is there any way out”?

Yes, there is a way out.

We know about Wash cloths. They are good as long as they are kept clean and regularly washed and laundered after use. A Wash cloth left in the bathroom will attract more germs. And, when it comes to exfoliation, it will not serve the purpose fully. So I rule out Wash cloths for cleaning the face.

Scrubs are the most effective face cleansers. They clean and exfoliate. Commercially available scrubs will do cleansing effectively. But owing to the high demands of the people to enhance the skin beauty, unscrupulous cosmetic industry will never hesitate to add unwanted and harmful chemicals to their products to lure the users.

In this prevailing scenario, It’s advised to go for those scrubs with natural ingredients. More and more people are inclined to use scrubs with natural ingredients.

In my view it’s safe to make a scrub in the home.

Blending a wet base ingredient with exfoliate ingredient is the normal and best process for making a natural scrub in home. Vegetables and fruits will make excellent wet base. Sea salt or Epsom salt to name a few will act as excellent exfoliate agents that can be used safely in a home made scrub. They are easy to make little expensive and more effective. Another alternative is powdered almonds. But care should be taken to avoid dampness. Dampness is the breeding ground for bacteria

Wisdom lies in going for a natural scrub to ensure the safety of the skin. To ensure evergreen radiant skin.

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