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Tips for applying Makeups

There  are certain things you have to follow while doing your makeups.Under wmakeover7eye concealer is the first thing to do before making head towards other actions a like foundation, correction and improvement and all. Eyes are the fore grounded parts and hence applying eye concealer is necessary. It hides dark patches or any visible mark or wrinkle under the eyes. A great care while applying the eye concealer must be taken. Matching the body color and the foundation that is to be applied after wards one should take care that the application is dabbed and brought from downward to upward side of the eyes. Then again with the finger tips it should be reversed gently. The good thing about this process is that when the application dries out it does not pull the skin and leaves it natural. When to remove this one needs to use cosmetic product instead of rubbing it out.

Foundation: Take adequate foundation on your palm and apply them on the cheeks, nose, the temples and the chin and also on the neck. Apply them evenly. If you wish you could use a sponge too for this purpose instead using your fingers. But it should be a dampened one. To avoid the foundation coming into touch with the hair, move from the cheeks to the ears and go from between the brows down over the nose. Following application of the foundation on the face you end it by applying on the eye lids. When this part is complete blot it with tissue paper so that no unnecessary traces are left.

Correction and Improvement: In case the skin type is not so much make up friendly you have an extra job. There are correcting make up base which results positively on such skin. If you use a mauve base skin tone you can achieve desired result on this kind of skin. Remember all these correcting bases should be applied before putting the foundation. The objectives of the corrective method in make up are to bring the pale and dull skin to live and natural. The later part of the materials is used after the basic foundation such as to conceal dark mark etc.

Applying Blusher: What would you do next is to apply blusher or the rouge. These cosmetics do several things to your skin. After applying the color on the blush area use them on parallel line up to the nose. Slightly brush the blushing brush on the fatty part of the cheek and gently brush across the face. A touch of color across the forehead and chin brings better result. Finally the rouge should be applied with finger tips.

Applying Powder: Blotting the whole area where make up was done is a must and thereafter applying powder depends as to how the effect of the make up has come up. While applying powder you should use puff and press it firmly on the face but only at a time and do the same on other parts too. Later whisk the excess making the head downward so that they do not spoil the traces of the hair.

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