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What is an Emollient rich facial cleanser cream and why it should be preferred?

A facial cleanser cream is supposed to remove the dirt and grime hands-holding-cosmeticswithout clogging the pores and without robbing the natural oils of the skin. A consumer with the hope that the facial cleanser cream which he or she bought will stand to the manufacture’s promises and claims about the cream should convince himself about the quality of the product . In reality its not so.

Most of the facial cleanser creams leave your skin greasy. They clog the pores and prevent the skin from doing the all important elimination of toxins through sweating. Some manufacturers of cosmetics are of the opinion that a facial cleanser cream should be water soluble to enable the cream rinsed off easily. This led to the emergence of facial cleansing creams rich in humectants.

The function of Humectants, like glycerin and propylene glycol is, they act as moisturizers. They are added to the cosmetics to aid hydration of the skin. Unfortunately most of the facial cleanser creams stuffed with humectants proved to be a damp squib. They were not beneficial in a big way as claimed by the manufacturers. The reason for the debacle of humectants as moisturizers and hydrants is that they contain so many water soluble chemicals that they are washed away. If these humectants are washed away, where is the possibility of the humectants penetrating in to the skin?
Then, what else I’m left with? Do you mean to say there is no facial cleanser cream that serves my purpose without harming my skin? – You may ask.
Don’t be disheartened. There are facial cleansing creams that exactly serve your purpose without leaving any side effects whatsoever.

There are alternatives to water based facial cleanser creams. These are the creams with sunflower ,soybean oils and capuacu butter. The origin of capuacu butter is capuacue tree, a tropical tree native to Amazon rain forests. Scientific studies established tat capuacu butter offers an excellent emollient and lubricant property that imparts soft touch for the skin. It also facilitates water absorption and improves considerably the elasticity of the skin. So water based facial cleanser creams rich in emollients are said to be ideal facial cleanser creams.

Don’t ever get carried away by the publicity blitzkrieg. Be equipped with the right information. Check for yourself. Ask the contents of the cream. After all, the skin is yours. It’s up to you to make or mar your skin.

In a nut shell, the ideal face cleanser creams with natural ingredients will not only serve your purpose, but also lends a solid foundation for an evergreen look and ever radiant skin.

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