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What to see in a facial cleanser for Acne

The tiny holes on the surface of the skin are known as Pores. Each acnetiny hole is a channel. This channel is called a Follicle. Each Follicle contains a hair and an oil gland. The function of an oil gland is to lubricate the skin. This lubrication of the skin is necessary to remove the dead skin cells. The functioning of the oil glands in the follicle as long as they produce that much of oil just to remove the dead skin cells is welcome. But the problem arises when the glands produce too much of oil resulting in blocking of the Pores. This blockage is known as PLUG. If the pores are blocked naturally there will be an accumulation of dirt, dust and bacteria. And this is the ideal ground for the birth of Acne.

Acne which appears mostly on teenagers’ face and shoulders is also known as Pimples. Owing to the production of excessive hormones during teenage, sebum, an irritant is produced. Sebum can clog the pores resulting in Pimples. If the pimples are infected, they form a Pustule.

Simply put, the treatment of Acne is reduced to one single aspect .That is, the victim of Acne should look for that product that is capable of clearing the plugged follicles and pores on the skin surface. Salicylic acid is one such ingredient added to the face cleansers. It is capable of exfoliating or removing the dead skin cells, one of the reasons for clogging of pores.
But it’s not enough just to clear the follicles to prevent clogging of the pores. Acne causing bacteria has to be eradicated. For this, Benzoyl peroxide is considered as ideal and added as an ingredient to the Facial cleaners meant for treating Acne.

After seeing the most common ingredients in an Acne facial, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages and the precautions to be taken to annul some of the adverse effects the above two ingredients.

Salicylic acid causes excessive skin dryness. Over the counter OTC facial cleansers contain 1-2 % of salicylic acid. Despite this low concentration of Salicylic acid, the tender and sensitive skin may suffer dehydration. Benzoyl peroxide, the other ingredient in the facials intended for Acne treatment though effective in destroying the bacteria inside the clogged pores, it’s ineffective in exfoliating. Generally the facials for Acne contain anywhere between 2.5 – 10 % Benzoyl peroxide. It’s advised by the experts to observe carefully the compatibility factor that is to see whether the facial is causing any irritation to the skin and select a suitable facial with high or low concentrations of the above ingredients accordingly. It’s always better to start from the lower concentration to be on safe side.

Some prefer to use gentle cleansers free of soap and fragrance. They are non – drying. They help in clearing Acne. But again it’s essential to look the suitability factor to your skin.
Avoid those facials which contain alcohol, peppermint or menthol. They may give you that divine feeling of coolness, but cause dehydration of the skin. The most common practice prevalent is scrubbing of the skin heavily with coarse cloth with a view to remove the pimples.. Hard scrubbing will lead to irrevocable scars .Some wash their face frequently. This practice is good for those who have oily skin. If you have dry skin, frequent face washing will lead to complications.
In all exercise caution in dealing with facials to treat Acne. In extreme conditions or in case of doubt always consult a Dermatologist. Armed with the Dos and Don’ts, one cam control Acne and have a Pimple free radiating skin.

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